These links can help you break through the time barrier and explore the great, entertaining world of old B movies.

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Sources of Video
Review Sites & Blogs
  • -  A "website where you can read reviews, talk with other b-movie fans, and glorify the genre."
  • Brian's Drive-In Theater - "Offers thousands of photos, information, links, DVD's posters, and more on your favorite drive in B movies..."
  • Classic Movie Blog Association - "The CMBA is a group of blogs dedicated to the celebration of classic cinema. The CMBA accepts new members from January 1st to May 31st of each calendar year." (Films From Beyond the Time Barrier joined in March, 2013.)
  • Eccentric Cinema - Award-winning site dedicated to "cult" and genre films; hundreds of reviews.
  • Fantastic Movie Musings & Ramblings - Dave Sindelar's ambitious project to view and write about every science fiction, horror, and fantasy movie he can lay his hands on. 
  • Krell Laboratories - "Vulnavia Morbius" writes about "horror movies, film noir, Westerns, Musicals, kung-fu movies, gangster movies, silents, melodramas, obscure art movies, shorts, cartoons, you name it."
  • The Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) - A feature-filled, one-stop-shop for blog-readers and bloggers who love movies.
  • The Last Drive-In - Specializes in all those flicks that used to go bump in the night at your local drive-in.
  • Lost Highway's B Movie Reviews and Cult Films - "At Lost Highway our roadside stops include horror, sci-fi, action, grindhouse, exploitation, and cult films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as well as new films we deem worthy of the b-movie title"
  • Motion Picture Gems: Sci-Fi and Horror -  Tom writes capsule reviews of highly-recommended classic films of all genres, from the silent era through the 1980s. Sci-fi and horror are regularly featured.
  • She Blogged by Night - Lively writing covering vintage films in all genres.
  • Thrilling Days of Yesteryear - "... a blog that revels in the good old days—when black-and-white movies weren't necessarily bad things, when people listened to a RADIO for entertainment...and when unreality shows (talking horses, witches, genies, monsters and martians) ruled the television airwaves.”
  • The Unknown Movies Page - Specializing in "the obscure, unknown, & little shown."
Vincent Price is absorbed in some frightening literature
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